If you are thinking about relocating, North Tyneside offers outstanding opportunities for business development and a top-quality lifestyle – the area boasts the UK’s largest and most successful office park, two Enterprise Zones and superb transport links.

Balfour Beatty


Balfour Beatty WorkplaceOver 450 new jobs were created in North Tyneside by engineering and construction giant Balfour Beatty when it established a new office in the borough.


Balfour Beatty, which employs 30,000 people across the UK, created a new customer support centre called WorkSmart, acquiring a 40,000 sq ft office on Quorum Business Park.


It was supported throughout the project by North Tyneside Council to deliver relevant business support which included advising on property sites across the region, connecting the company to other sources of support and providing detailed background information about the area.


Ian Dawson, Business Services Director at Balfour Beatty said: “The North East of England was selected by Balfour Beatty as it provided a skilled and flexible workforce and the best supply of buildings in the UK, suitable for the new facility.”


The move to Quorum has been highly successful for WorkSmart as the organization continues to go from strength to strength, consolidating its work to centralise support services for Balfour Beatty’s 14 operating companies.


Now processing 80% of the Group’s UK business through transactional and advisory services, the office at Quorum has unified payroll, accounting and supply chain management, improving efficiency and saving money for Balfour Beatty.


Ian continued: “We are thrilled with the team we have been able to build here. Their efforts have delivered significant benefits for Balfour Beatty. Savings achieved in the first year following our move exceeded £15m and headcount has grown beyond initial estimates to around 450 as new Shared Services have been added.


“Quorum’s investment in the infrastructure, amenities and sports facilities, as well as the high quality buildings, has helped us create a great place to work.”




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