If you are thinking about relocating, North Tyneside offers outstanding opportunities for business development and a top-quality lifestyle – the area boasts the UK’s largest and most successful office park, two Enterprise Zones and superb transport links.

Meet the Team


Paul Buie


Head of Business and Economic Development
E: paul.buie@northtyneside.gov.uk
T: 0191 643 6091

Sean Collier


Senior Manager, Business and Enterprise
E: sean.collier@northtyneside.gov.uk
T: 0191 643 6409

Sarah Johnson


Marketing Officer
E: sarah.johnson@northtyneside.gov.uk
T: 0191 643 6412

Amy Farrell


ERDF Project Support Officer (Business Forum)
E: amy.farrell@northtyneside.gov.uk
T: 0191 643 6410

John Angus


Business Development Officer
E: john.angus@northtyneside.gov.uk
T: 0191 643 6406

Vanessa Murphy


Business Development Officer
E: vanessa.murphy@northtyneside.gov.uk
T: 0191 643 6401


Karen Westgate


Projects Officer
E: karen.westgate@northtyneside.gov.uk
T: 0191 643 6922

Barbara Clark


Business Development Officer – Recruitment and Skills
E: barbara.clark@northtyneside.gov.uk
T: 078 7051 8231