If you are thinking about relocating, North Tyneside offers outstanding opportunities for business development and a top-quality lifestyle – the area boasts the UK’s largest and most successful office park, two Enterprise Zones and superb transport links.

Cost Effective

Cost effective

Competitive wages and lower operating costs makes North Tyneside one of the most financially rewarding places to locate in the UK.


You can secure high quality office or industrial space and pay between 25% to 41% less than other locations in the UK and up to 83% less than in London and the South East.




Average wages are around 10% below the national average. Operating costs are also lower than other parts of the country. Less congestion also makes it easier to deal with suppliers and customers.


Such lower costs also make it more affordable for businesses relocate and to expand, employing more staff and creating better profit margins. Plus, if your business locates within one of the two Enterprise Zone sites in North Tyneside, it will reduce your costs even further.




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