If you are thinking about relocating, North Tyneside offers outstanding opportunities for business development and a top-quality lifestyle – the area boasts the UK’s largest and most successful office park, two Enterprise Zones and superb transport links.

Energy – Oil, Gas and Offshore Renewables

North East England is home to the UK’s fastest growing energy sector, with a worldwide reputation for excellence in oil and gas, subsea marine engineering and offshore renewables. 

Why energy firms choose to invest in North East England. 


A booming business and supply chain cluster – registering a 60% growth in the number of energy-related companies over the past four years


Outstanding access to market – North East England is connected to the rest of the world via numerous international shipping channels served by the Port of Tyne, as well as Sunderland Blyth 


Less than 100 nautical miles from Dogger Bank and centrally located to service the other wind farms making the area ideally placed for manufacturing equipment and providing services.


The region is served by an international airport and an exceptional national rail network, allowing executive and workforce movement throughout the UK 


Highly skilled, available workforce – half of the region’s employment in the energy sector is in engineering and technical consulting


The area is home to the National Offshore Renewable Energy Centre Catapult research facility, is the UK’s flagship test facility for advancing the development of wind, wave and tidal power.


Low cost base – the region’s labour costs for an engineer are nearly 15% lower than in Aberdeen


The Port of Tyne is an active industrial-scale port operator, highly skilled in supporting or supplying offshore projects.


An energy R&D centre based in the North East can made £2.5m in annual cost savings, compared to London (Financial Times Benchmarking Study)